CEC Skype Talk with Foreigners Project has started

Thứ tư - 18/03/2015 05:55
On March 9th, 2015, the CEC Skype Talk with Foreigners Project started. The project is currently implemented as a trial one. In this pilot program, there are two students chosen: Duc and Viet. They are the second- year students at School of Foreign Languages, TNU. They belong to bilingual major: English and French. Mr. Roger Gillespie, an English teacher in Canada, is the only volunteer taking part in this period of the project. The core activity of the project is that native speakers from all around the world talk with SFL students via Skype to develop English speaking skills and cultural understanding.
CEC Skype Talk with Foreigners Project has started

CEC Skype Talk with Foreigners Project pilot program lasts 1 month. During the month, two participants and 1 volunteer talk twice a week from 8 PM to 9 PM. Time zone is not problematic because the gap time zone in Vietnam and Canada is 12 hours. The theme for the talks are daily conversation and culture. Volunteers and students may send photos about their life to exchange about their life as well. During the program, changes may be conducted if necessary. That is the aim of the trial program, too. Up to now, there have been 3 talks conducted, 2 group talks and 1 one- on- one talk. Here are some photos and recordings so that you can visualize the project further. It has gone smoothly. Thank you teacher Gill for  being such a dedicated volunteer! We are calling for more volunteers from all around the world.

Mr. Gill and Duc in a talk

9-3-2015 Duc and Gill

Mr. Gill and Viet on March 18th, 2015


The project will be implemented officially very soon. Can you wait for it any longer? SFL students?

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