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V-Skype Program 2015 Started

On August 29th, 2015, Community English Club (CEC) of Thái Nguyên University’s School of Foreign Languages initiated a program named “V-Skype” (Speaking English with international English teachers by Skype) with an orientation day for nearly 30 SFL college students and 10 English majoring students of Thai Nguyen Specialized High School at room 04 at Thai Nguyen Learning Resources Center.
V-Skype Program 2015 Started



Attending the orientation day, M.A. Thieu Trung Hieu, the project manager of the learning resources center, spent his time sharing with all of the students the technical learning applications and the role of the Learning Resources Center in encouraging TNU students to implement learning and extra-curriculum movements in TNU.


V-Skype” program was trialed in 2014 with a limited number of Vietnamese students and international volunteers. However, the test project achieved some certain success in training listening and speaking skills for students. It is expected that in this year, V-Skype will be continuously conducted with the participation of nearly 40 students and international English teachers from many different countries. Each student will be provided with a weekly speaking schedule with which they can interact with international teachers by Skype at least 1 hour per week. CEC manages, assists and evaluates the efficiency of the program.


Predictably, the program will be maintained in the coming year and oriented to expand its size in the next few years.

Translated by Thanh La.

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