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CEC Meetup #3#2014 – Creative English Conversation (C.E.C) method

After 4 days off for Independence Day 2rd September, the National Holiday of Viet Nam for celebrating and commemorating the Vietnam Declaration of Independence from France on September 2, 1945, Community English Club came back with its weekly Meetup like usual on Saturday morning.
CEC Meetup #3#2014 – Creative English Conversation (C.E.C) method

On 6th, September, 2014, CECers had a good time meeting each other and practicing English through a number of interesting activities. Everyone was excited and relaxed with CEC.

Firstly, the Meetup started with the stories on National Holidays from CEC’s members. Some were very happy with their vacation, some were regretful with the uncompleted plans, and however, they all felt great attending CEC’s Meetup again.


Secondly, CEC’s chorale song “The Great Circle of Viet Nam” – an English version of “Noi Vong Tay Lon” was sung as a familiar part of the Meetup. This song is not only beautiful and meaningful but also useful for practicing pronunciation in English.

CECers practices 'The Great Circle of Viet Nam'


Next, the very brand new method was first introduced: Creative English Conversation (C.E.C) which aims to help English learners improve listening skill, speaking skill, pronunciation and acting skill by using a model conversation of native speakers. Moreover, this method can develop the creativity of English learners in using spoken language and body language.

CECers learn the new C.E.C method

After watching a video about “How to greet someone you haven’t seen for ages”, CECers could learn common idioms, verb phrases and vocabulary as well as how to greet someone they haven’t seen for a long time like a native speaker. Moreover, CECers could practice speaking together with the correct pronunciation and intonation until it goes smoothly. Last but not least, learners following C.E.C method could build up their own conversation through a play by adding emotions, actions and their own words. That’s why it is called Creative English Conversation.

CECers practice C.E.C method


What was more, a Tongue Twister game totally made everyone excited and crazy with the very hard sentences to speak out. However, CECers love challenges and love defeating challenges. It seems that nothing can stop CEC’s members from learning new things and mastering new knowledge.

Exciting moment of CECers in Tongue Twister game


Finally, CEC’s wallpaper in September was released. CECers once again proved that they were good at many things which were not taught at school. CEC’s monthly wallpaper is the production of hard work and talent.

CEC's wallpaper in September

Editor: Manh Nguyen

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