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CEC Meetup #4#2014

Another Saturday came again and, as usual, Community English Club (CEC) continued its traditional weekly meeting named “Meetup”. CEC’s Meetup gradually becomes familiar with English learners at School of Foreign Languages. This can be an interesting way of learning English and relaxing on weekends.
CEC Meetup #4#2014

This week, CEC started with an interesting game named “Where is the bottle?”. The members of two teams had to use English to direct their representatives who were blindfolded to the destination where the bottles were located. The game was really fun and useful for developing teamwork skill.

'Where is the bottle' game


Secondly, CECers revised the C.E.C method learned from the last Meetup. After a few minutes preparing and practicing, two people in a pair created their own conversation through a play about “How to greet someone you haven’t seen for ages”. This role-play activity was very interesting with the unexpected situations of CECers. It made all the members more active, more confident and especially it improved their oral skill in English.

How to greet someone you haven't seen for ages?


Besides, CEC’s Corner was first introduced at a Meetup. CEC’s Corner gave CECers the chances to talk, to share their own stories, experiences in their life. Therefore, everyone could know more about each other and got closer. On CEC’s Corner, a topic was given for discussing and sharing. The topic of CEC’s Corner this week was “What was the most embarrassing moment of your life”. Many members were happy to talk about their difficulties time they had experienced in the past and how they overcame that moment. Some stories were fun, some were a little sad but the most important thing was that they never gave up. They were not just the personal’s stories but also the meaningful lessons for others.

CEC's Corner: What was the most embarrassing moment of our life?


At the end of the Meetup, CECers helped new members sing the club’s traditional song “The Great Circle of Viet Nam”.





Editor: Yen Nguyen.

Tác giả bài viết: Manh Nguyen CEC

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