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My Olympic Story

My Olympic Story
My Olympic Story

It was rainy days, when the Olympic was held. The day before the contest start, we prepared carefully for this big event by decorating the stage, the corners with banners, balloons. Everyone worked and chatted excitedly so the asmostphere was really warm and cosy. We are from different classes, parts of the country, and families so the stories we brang to are also various such as some famous things in Langson province, the brother of a student is a good computer designer with high salary and so on. Both teachers and students worked together for a sucessful meeting. As a result, the relationship between us becomes closer and closer. It was not until 6pm that we almost completed our preparation and was able to find something to eat. I went with Ms. Mai to buy some food for everyone while others did the last things. Then because of the weather we a a small dinner in a beautiful corner before coming home. It was amazing.

In the Friday morning, we was at the campsite around six in order to make sure that everything was ready as we had planned. It was still raining when students from other schools arrived, but it did not affect much to the festival asmostphere at that time. The most impress thing in that day happened to me while I was in my corner and Mr. Manh asked me to be the interpreter for a Philipino guess. It was a kind of nervous beacause it was the first time i worked as an interpreter. Right then, I spent most of the time on thinking of what i should say with her, how she looks like and the left time to run around to find her. How funny I was at that time! Finally, I got her. She was kind and humorous. I just had to follow her to explained some important informations, help her in comunicating with some Vietnamese and sometimes told jokes also. Honesty, I was a bit pround when she repeated again and again: “make sure that you won’t leave me here alone”. After that, she went to her home and my mission completed, it was not very well, though. I said to her i hoped to see her somedays in the future and i was really hoped so. I returned to my cuisin corner with my friends and we had extremely funs with some vivid games. And the final part was the lunch, we had a buffet with a lot of food such as kimpap, pasta, pork, chicken, mixed salad and also champange. Because the work had been over, we eated comfortably and happily. I tried some wine but it was not as easy to drink as I think. Hahaha. I managed to be a truly foreigner when they eating but I was not able to do that. Maybe Vietnamese style is more suitable for me although I was an Enghlish learner.????

The competition passed by but it gave not only us but also the students from other schools best memories in our lives. We are young and willing to face the challanges because they makes us stronger and stronger. It also gave us chances to try new things, to make new friend and to gain much more knowledge that we have never known before. i hope that in the future, our school will celerbrete more events for students to be involed in so that we can develop our abilities more and more.

Loc Thi Hong Phuong – Cu Nhan Anh K36

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