The board of CEC includes the president and two vice presidents. To know, who and how are they, follow me!

Welcome to Miss. Tran Thi NganPresident of CEC!


Her full name is Tran Thi Ngan. She was born in 1991 in Thai Nguyen, where is very famous for Tea. Her nationality is Vietnam. She is now the final year student of Thai Nguyen Faculty of Foreign Languages. Correctly, her major is “English Education”.

Her collection of honorable prizes: Wantanable-Kanda Japan, the third prize at Olympic for Excellent Languages Students 2011, 5-Good-Student of Thai Nguyen Province 2011 and 2012, 5-Good-Student of Vietnam 2011 and many other scholarships at university.

To those who never meet her any time, she is a little girl owning a bright face. Her light eyes look like twinkling stars brightening a dark area of a night sky. To me, her light eyes maybe a point indicating and explaining why she is always successful in life.

Her interest is reading books and listening to music of Mr. Dam Vinh Hung, who is a very well-known singer in Vietnam.

In our mind, she is always a very perfect manager, who concentrates all the best aspects to become such an admirable manager: great achievements in study, well behaviors with all people and skillful leadership.

Firstly, for four years being students at Thai Nguyen Faculty of Foreign Languages, she is one of the most excellent students at my school. Concretely, her final results is often in Top 3 most excellent students.

Secondly, I am strongly impressed by her admirable behavior to people. Despite all achievements she has gained, she always looks very nice and friendly with a smile. Never creating any distance between a president and member, she is such a very generous person.


Finally, all of us see that her leadership is very awesome. All her speeches make a big impact on us, who are often difficult to manage. It means she is a friendly but strict president. However, a strict manager is one of the most important things to manage any organizations. And with those about her, I think she is perfectly able to become a personnel manager or a leader in the future.

Her contribution for CEC

She has been the president of CEC for nearly one year and she has made all efforts for the whole of her term in order to make CEC develop as sustainably as possible. She successfully held many programs as well as events for CEC such as: CEC birthday anniversary, CEC talkshow, CEC interview, CEC Bi-Zine, Mid-Autumn Festival at Tan Lap Primary School and CEC receptionists team at international conference.  Most importantly, she took CEC to gain the secon prize at the speaking contest at the second Festival English at TNUT. Next month, she is about to hold the second contest named Foreign Languages Wisdom” for all students at Thai Nguyen Faculty of Foreign Languages. What she has been doing for CEC is not only expressed in all those achievement. But more and more, she leads  a very strong community, where many excellent individuals gather together to build our community together. As a result, she has educated a good human resource for CEC, as well as educate her staff to have necessary skills to be always ready to apply for any jobs in the future. In conclusion, she has been protecting and developing the principles of CEC that is all expressed in its slogan: “Sharing Knowledge, Connecting Community”

Now she is raising a very nice plan for her life. She desires to be an English teacher several months after. And at this time, she is busy with completing her thesis in order to graduate from Thai Nguyen Faculty of Foreign Languages. A very briliant future is very close to her.

ImageAfter all, I am still her staff and sister. She is really one of my idols at university and I will always praise the best for her. She helped me so much and gave me many chances to express and develop myself. And I am grateful of her so much.

Now, praise the best for her.

Let turn to two vice presidents of CEC, to know who and how are they, please wait for my next post!

Goodbye and have a nice weekend!

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