CEC and “Book Bucket Challenge” Experience

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Up to this moment, everything in Thai Nguyen city seems familiar with me. Three years is not a long time but enough for me to have a strong attachment to Thai Nguyen area and School of Foreign Languages in which I have learnt with friends who came from different regions in Vietnam. I maybe experience student life with no memorable events until I made a decision that “I am going to join CEC again” and there have been many changes from that day. Not long after I joined CEC, I took part in an event, which was held by CEC, named “Book bucket challenge.”
CEC and “Book Bucket Challenge” Experience

 The plan was developed early by leaders of the club. The thing that surpised me the most is that every member contributed quickly and took their job self-consciously such as brainstorming questions for a small game, designing posters, preparing gifts and so on. Everybody was happy and eager. The festival air seemed to come earlier with CEC members. At last that day came. Every member stood out with red colour on the uniform which expresses enthusiasm, dynamic and energy. That was team spirit in the last preparation day. Everything for decorations was ready including eye-catching cards, nice gifts and so on. CEC members have impoved that CEC has been more mature and professional Freshman and sophomore are not only confident in communication but also skilful and motivated in stages of preparation. The prompt atmosphere in working covered the projection room. For example some people arranged flowers, others tied balloons or hung posters… everybody were serious but they also joked to have good feeling during working time. Although drops of perspiration rolled down our forehead but they seemed disappeared when we saw others’ smiles. We encouraged each other and that was sweet to see our achievement after a hardworking afternoon. That was the best memorable day which I found meaning and pleasure in working. That experience had mature us greatly.


   Time passed, meeting hall was becoming more crowded and noisier because of other students’ appearance. With books in hands, all of them were waiting to donate excitedly. They must be figure out the important role of books in daily life so they all were happy to share interesting books –rich knowledge sources – with others. This is one of the most important book bucket challenge’s aims. Everyone pays attention to speeches of guesses who shared about the role and significance of books as well as knowledge comprehended from reading books. Especially, Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Huong– in charge of IT and library at School of Foreign Languages- shared websites having interesting e-books and the way to use personal Sources Center’s account to get multiform sources. Her speech was got many students’ support. They answered ebulliently guess’ questions. The air in meeting hall was animated when student burst into a laugh. One of the most interested part is an expression “Don’t wait until graduation” of a CEC member Phuong Nhung who comes from Chinese-English Education class. After her introduction, many questions about name and price of books, bookstores … were set. The thing that attracted students the most must be the game show “book bucket challenge” in which they had to answer the questions were concerned with interesting books, websites and took chances to get nice gifts. In each question, dozens of hands raised in the air to answer. The atmosphere in the meeting hall was very seething and cheerful. It was easy to aware that the book knowledge questions caused student’s excited because it not only gave a chance for them to perform their knowledge but also a chance to share interesting knowledge sources to others.Many students go with a handbook to take note important informations, especially e-book or scholarship websites shared by teachers. An enthusiastic, animated, cheerful time made a strong impression on every student and teacher too.

   Book Bucket Challenge day passed and left great memories of mutual assistance between CEC members as well as experience of event organization. I hope more events will be held by enthusiastic and energetic CECers in the future. They will certainly be helpful recreation ground for students at School of Foreign Languages.

(Image: CEC’s red colour in my heart.)


Translated by Linh Tivi

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