'CEC Happy Summer 2017' at Hoa An Primary School – Chiem Hoa District - Tuyen Quang Province

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On July of 15th and 16th 2017, in order to follow a successful completion of ‘the Summer Fun 2016’ at Hoa An Primary School, 'CEC Happy Summer 2017' was successfully organized by the Community English Club - School of Foreign Languages - TNU with the support from Thai Nguyen University, SFL English Department and the SFL Youth Union.
The opening ceremony with the participation of CEC, teachers, the Youth Union and students of Hoa An Primary School.
The opening ceremony with the participation of CEC, teachers, the Youth Union and students of Hoa An Primary School.
After a period of work and preparation, the program took place with the participation of more than 100 students and teachers from Hoa An Primary School as well as Youth Union members of Tong Soong Village, Chiem Hoa District. Additionally, Ms. Do Thuy Ninh – lecturer at Thai Nguyen University of Economics and Business Administration, Ms. Nguyen Thi Bich Thuy – Accountant of Hoang Hai Company and Ms. Ngo Thi Minh - former President of CEC attended the program on Sunday. In particular, to create a meaningful and exciting program, it was the initiation and implementation of ​​CEC boards and enthusiastic members. More than that, the program also received financial support as well as helpful advice from teachers of the Advisory Boards, former club leaders and The Book Circle - the book club sponsoring over 100 books for students of Hoa An Primary School.IMG 5737
Students from Hoa An Primary School were in a funny games

To achieve this success, CEC has selected nearly 20 excellent volunteers, most of whom are core members of the club and students of the School of Foreign Language - TNU. Thanks to their enthusiasm and responsibility, they brought a very brilliant summer for children. In addition, the combination of CEC and Hoa An Primary School also received enthusiastic support from guests, parents and students.
'CEC Happy Summer 2017' is aimed to:
- Create a playground for children in rural areas where extracurricular activities are limited, and their interaction with activities to develop their thinking and learning skills has not yet been renewed.
- Help children learn more about how to protect the environment, and use recycled materials to make learning materials a simple but high value proposition.
- Help them to develop skills such as teamwork, leadership through funny activities and games.IMG 4908
Children are enjoying the balloons offered by the volunteers before the opening ceremony.
On the afternoon of July 14th, CEC and the group took the last bus to Tong Soong village, Hoa An district to prepare for the opening and the first activity of the morning program. They brought a lot of materials for two days of activities, including items made from recycled materials until the late night of two-day preparation.20139847 1374807505966684 762834660227933730 n
Product of a volunteer to guide the children.

With the consensus and enthusiastic support from the people of Tong Soong village, CEC had a very convenient accommodation in 2 days, that is the home of Ms. Huyen, who is a member of CEC and also a bridge between CEC and Hoa An Primary School.20245446 1374807215966713 3566807436916001089 n
The magnificent scene on the way to go home.

On the first day, the 'CEC Happy Summer 2017' was held at the Tong Soong Cultural House, with the presence of over 100 people, including teachers, commune officials, parents and students. The beginning of the show was an introduction by MC Tran Trung Hai and the speech by Phuong - teacher at Hoa An Primary School.IMG 4917
The children quietly wait for the program to begin.
IMG 4965
Mrs. Phuong with the opening speech.

            The program is organized in four main areas:
1. Inspire students to learn English through useful activities
2. Teach children how to create learning tools by recycling
3. Teambuilding
4. Farewell party.
In every content, the CEC gives them a new perspective and approach to problems that they have not been introduced to before. Despite being a bit confused, they have tried very hard to listen and active in all activities.IMG 5007
Students and volunteers sang and danced along to 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'.

The first was hectic with activities related to English such as singing exercises to help children to distinguish body parts and other games.20228752 1374809735966461 1701501692931721174 n
Boxes made from plastic bottles, handmade cards and paintings with the topic environmental protection of the children.
The second activity was enthusiastically and creatively responded by the children. With the products they did, the volunteers were very surprised and excited.IMG 5580
CEC-ers made a postcard to present Hoa An primary school teachers.

The third one is the content of both volunteers and students look forward to the most – teambuilding activities. They were challenged with team games and painting by hand. Their products are compared by teachers and volunteers as 'masterpieces'.IMG 5898
This picture was given to CEC.
IMG 5907
And this was presented to Hoa An students.

IMG 6005
Water balloon battle.

At the end of the three activities, the CEC and children reviewed what they had accomplished in two days, along with the lovely speech from the principal, CEC knew that the program was beyond successful.IMG 5962
All the teachers, students and volunteers.

The program was ended. With CEC, success is to bring smiles to children, to see the teachers' radiant face when watching their students happy and work by their best. It was also the help of individuals and organizations ready to co-operate with CEC, bring good things to the community.IMG 6026
Congratulations CEC for the successful “Happy Summer 2017”

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