CEC Ideas & Ideals Revisited

Thứ tư - 26/11/2014 08:28
Three years ago when we started CEC, I, on behalf of the team, created a short presentation to talk about the expectations and directions as one way to claim the existence of a so-called CEC. The ideologies at that time reflected much of my own experiences and intuition of how to grow in harmony & sustainability.
CEC Ideas & Ideals Revisited

Not only did I talk about meanings implied in each word of CEC, but also I emphasized on the interrelationship between the ‘I’ and the ‘We’. As you can see in the slide below, people always need one another to form an existing society. We all need a community to decide the state of  “being and becoming” (who we are and who we want to be). In many ways, we, as human beings, can not separate/isolate ourselves from a certain social group. As a newborn, we belong to the family; as a pupil, we learn in the schooling organization; as a national citizen, we  grow under the government and even as a citizen of the world, we share with people from diverse races the planet. Nurturing the sense of belonging (community) is so important to define us as a homo sapien. That explains why ‘COMMUNITY’ is placed initially as the values of CEC. English, of course, is the means to express ourselves and to get things done. However, English is not our first language, yet an international language. We need to learn enduringly without giving up. We need a CLUB to ‘knot’ our commitment.

Why CEC?Speaking of the ‘I’ and the ‘We’, I want to talk about the ‘individual differences’ and the ‘social interaction’ of learning languages. We are all distinct and unique! Not only do we inherit the distinctive genome from our parents, but also receive different nutrition from our mother right in the womb. We are then brought up in a divergent families and backgrounds and are presented with various educations and societies. Even twins are identical in appearance, but not exactly alike in thoughts and personalities. Each person has his/her own beliefs, aptitude, motivation, styles and strategies in being and becoming. This is not an exception when he/she starts learning a second/foreign language. We can never be able to develop a BEST method or solution for everyone or simply put, “one size does not fit all”. More importantly, each should be self-reliant to learn and grow. Sooner or later, a person must “stand on his/her feet”. For more than 3 years, CEC have not instigated or advocated a BEST method or a CRAZY way to learn and improve as profit-driven people often do, but we are always searching for a BETTER one. It is of ultimate importance to cultivate a ‘I’ (identity, individual and eyes) as a decisive factor in “being and becoming” (being yourself and becoming your expected self; it does not matter who and how you are or want to be, there is always an ‘I’ in you). While focusing on the ‘I’, it is equally imperative to pay attention to the ‘We’, not to worship the EGO-I. How can human beings achieve the current accomplishments without the ‘We’? How can we develop without the inheritance and social legacy? How can we learn a language without a speech community or at least a person to talk to?…

I haven’t just explained the interrelationship between ‘I’ and ‘We’, but a set of what I call ‘Ideas & Ideals’ was created at that time. Although these expectations were ideal and far-fetched…

CEC Idealsmore specific ideas were brainstormed to help CECers achieve those goals.

CEC ideasThe following passages will explain the relevance and rightness of these “ideas and ideals” from the recent theories and empirical research.

First, we are living in a increasingly changing digitized world, how can we learn and develop without the facilitation of these advancements? Then new literacy is needed…

To be continued….


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