CEC's Talkshow 2017

Thứ tư - 21/06/2017 11:04
On June 20, CEC successfully activated the very first Talkshow event in 2017 with the attendance of Mr. Roger and approximate 20 students coming from School of Foreign Languages TNU, University of Education , ICT University and Thai Nguyen Specialized High School.
CEC-ers and Mr. Roger Gillespie
CEC-ers and Mr. Roger Gillespie
During the event, students had an opportunity to engage and exchange not only the culture but also some websites that are necessary for studying from Mr. Roger and Ms. Trang (K37 Student of SFL – TNU) through a number of activities. The Talkshow was closed in satisfaction and hopefulness. Especially, Mr.Roger gave us several presents from Canada. This was such a huge encouragement for all of the participants.
We'd love to say thanks to all of you!
Thank you so much for your attendance!
Thank you so much for supporting us!
Thank you so much for creating a meaningful Talk Show!
These are some photos that show what we had done together.19366321 1346231015491000 3678932982488832189 n

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