It’s not just a club, It’s CEC!

Thứ bảy - 06/10/2012 07:17
It has been 1 year since my first days of becoming CEC leader. At the moment, CEC is at its strongest time! And I just realize that the strength of CEC does not come from us- the leaders, but it comes from CEC members.
It’s not just a club, It’s CEC!

3 years passes away. I nearly end up with my student life. Now, one of the thing that I regret most is that I did not have a chance to take part in CEC earlier.  One year of being CEC vice- president and I have grown up faster than the last 3 years. Additionally, one of the greatest thing I realize is that CEC is now my love, a big family for all members, not just a club anymore.

” Power goes along with responsibilities!” That sentence is always true! When it comes to be a leader, it is such a big mission for me. The first days of being the leader of mine were sometimes crazy with mistakes. I did not have any ideas about a true leader or where to start. Gradually, with the directions of Mr. Huy and the old leaders, I finally found out the best way for my own. Everyone has their strong points and energy. The thing is not every one has chance to show their abilities. CEC is an ideal place for students of the FFL to learn and share thir abilitites. Besides their studying at school, they can practice English and work in a professional environment. CEC is so great that I myself can not describe all my feelings about it. All I ever know is feeling and love. I love CEC, love CECers, and everything we do. I have an honor of being the leader of you, CEC members! I have grown up day by day. The days of being CEC vice- president is the happiest days in my student life.

“The leader is not the one making all!” Now, a very big mission of me is contributing work for others, comment and fix. This task is harder than everything. However, with the help of CEC Board and from you all- CEC members, I promise I wil try as much as i can. Recently, a very big event that we are going to take part in is the English festival at Technology University. We are prepearing for that day in an energatic air. Do you know that every day, when I see your status on Facebook about CEC, I totally feel so happy!

CEC now has been very successful! we, the second generation, we have power and youth. We together wil make CEC become stronger! I love you CECers!

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